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Compiler Question


I am working on the C++ coding program, I can get it to read one question. But, how do I get it to keep reading and asking me the questions for the code?



If you mean you’re trying to execute a program that you interactively respond to while it runs, Sublime doesn’t support doing that out of the box and you need to use an third party package such as Terminus to execute your build instead.

Alternatively you can execute your program in an external terminal directly or modify your sublime-build file to have it open the terminal and do that for you. Examples of how to do those things are available in the videos in the playlist linked below.



That really did not help, with getting me top compile the code. I am trying to fine a coding program that will allow me to compile with C++ code.



In that case you’re going to need to be more specific about what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.

It sounds more like a fundamental coding question and less an issue with Sublime in general though. Sublime can indeed compile and run C and C++ code out of the box, but it assumes that you have installed the correct tools and know how to use them (that is, it’s an editor, not an IDE).