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Compare Side-By-Side for ST4?


After upgrading to Sublime Text 4, if you use Compare Side-By-Side to compare two tabs, they open up in the right hand side of the screen … I wonder if the plugin is still maintained, or if I should look for an alternative solution?

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No Package Control after updating to Sublime Text 4?

I prefer to use
it’s not about sublime package, but a cool soft



Ah yes, Meld is cool. I actually have it installed, thanks for reminding of its existence. But Compare Side-By-Side is just so much faster with text inside Sublime Text …



That’s caused by a regression; I filed an issue

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Thanks for posting that issue @herr.kaste, I am glad to see it is on the radar.

In the mean time I discovered a Compare Side-By-Side pull request which fixes it:



Try my fork ported for st4+ support:
I’m waiting for it to be added to Package Control