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Commenting in Batch files



I want to change the commenting behaviour of batch files. I didn’t find a solution. When I hit comment the comment begins with “rem” in lower case. But I want to have it in “REM” upper case.

Problem is, all my batch files I created have upper case key words (like REM, SET, etc…) and if I want to uncomment 20 lines at onces it doesn’t work. It just places a lower case “rem” in front of my upper case “REM”.

I tried to open “Batch File.sublime-package” but it’s in binary code and when I reopen it with UTF-whatever there are many unmatched and NUL (<0x00>) characters. I don’t know how to proper edit the file.



To view package files, or more generally resource files, run the View Package File command from the Command Palette.



Thank you, I was able to change the behaviour for my needs:

‘ST3/Data/Packages/User/Batch File/Comments.tmPreferences’

Just made the “rem” in upper case in the XML file.

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Packages are currently just renamed zip files. I will often just rename the sublime-package zip and extract the files to my loose file packages folder so I can dig in and learn about the package.

I didn’t know about this View Package File command! Thanks rwols, its nice to learn something new.