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CommandsBrowser - A package to view both core & plugin commands for ST & SM


Hi everyone :wave:

Sublime Text & Sublime Merge are both command centric applications i.e. most of the actions you do trigger/fire some command that does that action.

With applications that are heavily centered around a command based system, there wasn’t a package earlier that could help you with information regarding these commands in a unified way.

Why would you want to know information regarding commands ?

  1. If you want to create a custom keybinding for some core/plugin commands.
  2. If you want to view the documentation for a core command & it’s arguments for use in a plugin.
  3. Resources like menu, commands, mousemap files etc. all use commands.

CommandsBrowser is a package that helps you show information regarding both core & package/plugin commands.

Check out the README of the package for complete documentation on the package & how to use it.

A short summary of the features include:

  1. Browsing through core commands information for both Sublime Text & Merge, with a documentation panel that shows detailed information on the command i.e. command description, command argument names, their types & descriptions etc.

  2. Browsing through plugin/package commands for Sublime Text and the ability to navigate to that location of the class that provides the command. In addition, it also shows the arguments taken by that command, the namespace for the defined command class and the plugin host in which it is implemented.

  3. Various settings to help you filter commands and make life in general, a bit easier while using this package.

In case of plugin/package commands, the list is retrived from the plugin host, so it should be complete, but for core commands, since there is not a way to get that information from the application, a list must be maintained manually, which makes it incomplete in the sense, there is no way to know the full information. However, it should be fairly comprehensive. Many commands will not have all the information available just because the list is massive and it takes considerable effort & research to document it effectively, but my hopes are that, with the package being public, it will just keep getting better & better as users use the package & submit issues/PRs about descriptions for commands they are interested in.

Hope this package lessens your pain when it comes to package/plugin development and using commands in general.

Have a great day ! :slightly_smiling_face:



Hmm This looks to be useful for AuotoHotkey and Kepiranha launcher. Thanks allot for working on this.:grinning:



I am familiar with Autohotkey but not sure what Kepiranha launcher is. Anyways glad you found a use for this package.

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Very nice. But it doesn’t show up in PackageControl (ST4 under Win10 x64).



It’s still in the process of being added to PC. An issue was created to track the progress.



Could you buzz here when the package is approved?

I’ve bookmarked it, but if the approval process takes too long I might end up forgetting — and I really don’t want to miss this package, but don’t want to install it via Git either.



No problem. Once it’s added, I’ll post an update message in this thread.

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The package is now added to PC. So anyone can now install it the regular way.