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Command mode cursor jumps back


I’m trying to use command_mode to develop my own plugin. However, when command_mode is active, the cursor jumps back one character when I select the last column in a line (that has no character in it). This is happening regardless of the inverse_caret_state setting. The weird thing about this is that I’m still able to get the cursor to the last column simply by clicking it again or by hitting the end key.

My question: is there a setting to turn off this behavior? I’d like the cursor to behave in command_mode as it does without command_mode.



I’m pretty sure by now that this is a bug. When I click beyond the last char in the line (i.e. on the newline character) to reproduce what is shown above in the GIF, and when I then set command_mode to false, the cursor jumps back one character.

It seems like the rendered cursor position is different from the actual, internal position. Maybe the mouse sets the former but fails to set the latter?


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This fixed it for me (adding Vintage to user ignored packages)