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Command +D is not working


Hi Guys,
For me , Super +D is not working. I am working on a vanilla installation. Here is what I see in the console.

startup, version: 3207 osx x64 channel: stable
executable: /Applications/Sublime Text
working dir: /
packages path: /Users/gjanjua/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages
state path: /Users/gjanjua/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Local
zip path: /Applications/Sublime
zip path: /Users/gjanjua/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Installed Packages
ignored_packages: ["Vintage"]
pre session restore time: 4.02952
using gpu buffer for window
startup time: 4.14137
environment variables loaded using: /bin/zsh -l
reloading plugin Default.arithmetic
reloading plugin Default.auto_indent_tag
reloading plugin Default.block
reloading plugin Default.colors
reloading plugin Default.comment
reloading plugin Default.convert_color_scheme
reloading plugin Default.convert_syntax
reloading plugin Default.copy_path
reloading plugin Default.detect_indentation
reloading plugin Default.echo
reloading plugin Default.exec
reloading plugin Default.fold
reloading plugin Default.font
reloading plugin Default.goto_line
reloading plugin Default.history_list
reloading plugin Default.indentation
reloading plugin Default.install_package_control
reloading plugin Default.kill_ring
reloading plugin Default.mark
reloading plugin Default.new_templates
reloading plugin Default.open_context_url
reloading plugin Default.open_in_browser
reloading plugin Default.pane
reloading plugin Default.paragraph
reloading plugin Default.paste_from_history
reloading plugin Default.profile
reloading plugin Default.quick_panel
reloading plugin Default.rename
reloading plugin Default.run_syntax_tests
reloading plugin Default.save_on_focus_lost
reloading plugin Default.scroll
reloading plugin Default.set_unsaved_view_name
reloading plugin Default.settings
reloading plugin Default.show_scope_name
reloading plugin Default.side_bar
reloading plugin Default.sort
reloading plugin Default.switch_file
reloading plugin Default.symbol
reloading plugin Default.transform
reloading plugin Default.transpose
reloading plugin Default.ui
reloading plugin CSS.css_completions
reloading plugin Diff.diff
reloading plugin HTML.encode_html_entities
reloading plugin HTML.html_completions
reloading plugin ShellScript.ShellScript
plugins loaded

but when I press command + d , the next item is not selected. Please see this video.

I removed all the extensions , packages, settings and what not, but even then its not working.
I am on a MAC 10.14.4 and I have tried the latest builds of both stable and dev. I am currently on 3207




If you open the console and enter sublime.log_commands(True) and then press the key, what command does the console log?



These are the following that gets logged to the console.
I believe that some of the commands are getting logged because I selected a text in the editor. Also I could not see anything that is logged corresponding to me pressing the command + d combination during that time window.

>>> sublime.log_commands(True)
command: drag_select {"event": {"button": 1, "x": 310.11328125, "y": 147.75}}
command: drag_select {"event": {"button": 1, "x": 159.87890625, "y": 119.54296875}}
command: drag_select {"by": "words", "event": {"button": 1, "x": 160.15625, "y": 119.54296875}}
command: drag_select {"event": {"button": 1, "x": 682.1328125, "y": 1033.5}}




That is telling… If you use sublime.log_input(True) and press the key, do you see a log that says that you’re pressing the key?

Your problem sounds like there might be something external to Sublime capturing the keypress before Sublime can see it (like MacOS itself or another program with a global shortcut). Sublime only logs input keys that it detects, so not seeing it would be an indication of that.

If on the other hand you see something being logged but it’s not the key you think you’re pressing, then your keyboard layout is not what Sublime expects.



No, I dont see anything in the log that says I am pressing the key. Is there a way , I can see where that key combination is being used on my system ?




Not that I’m aware of off the top of my head. The only place I know to look is in the settings on MacOS where you can configure the keyboard shortcuts used by MacOS itself.

If you’re running other programs, you might try quitting everything but Sublime and seeing if that fixes it, then slowly start running tasks until you detect which one is doing it.



The problem is I have been using the same apps that I was using sometime ago and I have not reinstalled anything new. I have also restarted my system and even then its not working. Why it stopped working all of a sudden is beyond me.




Can I try changing the key combination ? If yes, can you please let me know how can I do it . ?




I changed it to super+q and it is working again - crisis averted! … Thanks

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