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Columns challenge


I would appreciate step-by-step instructions to carry out the following in Windows if it can be done:

A bi-lingual vocabulary file consists of a single column. Odd-numbered lines are in language A, even-numbered lines contain the translation of the preceding line in language B. I want to rearrange the vocabulary into two parallel columns so that each translation in language B is beside its counterpart in language A with a small space separating them. Is this possible?



This task basically reduces to find a way how to select every other line. It can be done with a regex search, for example:
Open the find panel (Ctrl + F), then enable regular expression (leftmost button), write (.*\n?){2} in the input field and click “Find All”. After that, press the following keys: backspacespace (the first two keys should be the arrow keys on your keyboard). In words: move all cursors to begin of line, move all cursors one line down, delete linebreaks, add space.

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Works perfectly. Very many thanks. Mike L