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Column Selection on Windows Touchpad - Request to conform to Microsoft's convention on Windows


Hi, I’ve started using sublime text on windows (typically on mac) and noticed that while it supports column selection through the ‘shift + drag rightclick’ as it always has, it does not support the alternative method of ‘alt + shift + drag leftclick’ that appears to be common in Microsoft apps.

This is particularly needed when on a device that doesn’t have a rightclick button, such as laptop with only a modern precision trackpad with no separate buttons.

references: see ,

( column selection may also be called block selection by some )



This behavior can be added by creating a Packages/User/Default (Windows).sublime-mousemap file with the following content


		"button": "button1", "modifiers": ["shift", "alt"],
		"press_command": "drag_select",
		"press_args": {"by": "columns"}
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