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Hello guys,
Colorsublime is finally online

On this website you could try online many ST2 themes before downloading your favorite ones for free.

Enjoy it!




Nice site! And many themes! Thanks!

Maybe you will be interested in this site as well Color Scheme Editor for Sublime
You could integrate to each other :smile:



Wow what a cool idea… we need to discuss about that but let’s keep in touch



Awesome gianluca!
I think u are italian like me…XD
One tecnical / OT question…For which part of the site u have used node.js?

keepup the awesome work!!!



Fantastic website! I LOVE being able to preview the themes before downloading them and trying them out.

Did notice a few things though…

  1. I went through all of the themes and noticed that they seemed to repeat about halfway through. “monoindustrial” is one that I saw at least twice while going through the list. I’m using the latest build of Chrome on Win 7.
  2. It would be really cool if the preview would save your language choice from preview to preview.
  3. Any chance you can add a SQL preview? I doubt, however, that very many people use ST2 for SQL or PL/SQL…

You rock!! :smile:
Bryan Lott




we use node js to parse and convert all the sublime text 2 themes into Ace javascript files
thanks for your feedback

we will fix the problem as soon as possible ( probably it is not the only one )

It is not in our TODO list at the moment but we will think about that

We will add new languages in our themes preview and probably SQL will be one of them



This might be interesting to you guys:

Our 20 person developer group was recently asked to comment on what color scheme they used, and why. 18 chimed in with more or less advanced arguments, but most importantly they chimed in on what scheme they actually liked using over extended periods of time.

Consensus is that the most comfortable scheme is one extremely close to what is provided by Sunburst (we have a theme that basically replicates Sunburst.)

Aesthetically, just about everyone loves it. Interestingly, only one out of eighteen preferred a light-background scheme, which was surprising to me.

Out of curiosity, what scheme do people in here prefer?

P.S. Great site! I love trying out new schemes.



So people who work/code professionally in an office environment prefer working on a dark background during the day? That is interesting. Yeah I can see working with the dark background during night hours, but during the day that would hurt my eyes.

As far as a darker background scheme, I like the Birds of Paradise theme. … r-textmate



Research says the opposite, so does our experience. Try it before you make conclusions.



I like the Dark Orange scheme that comes with the Phoenix theme.

Nice, restful shades, without assigning a different colour to every little thing — so no “angry fruit salad” effect :slight_smile:



Not sure if this is or isn’t a feature yet (or planned), but it would be great to know what other’s prefer and use (especially as a newbie to the scene), so a rating and popularity system would rock. Perhaps this could fit in under the preview (tone down the size of the buttons for room); but you guys’ll figure it out.

Pretty awesome idea and well executed. Props.



Hi ausprog,
honestly the “love button” is already in the code but it is commented and so is not displayed yet. We have planned to create a rating system… stay tuned



Love it!.. how do you “remove” an installed theme? Manually delete them from the “Colorsublime - Themes” folder?



ARGH IT’S DOWN NOW :scream: :scream: :scream:
Domain seems to be expired! :scream:

Anything we can do @gianlucaguarini? I’m willing to pay for the domain & host it on one of my servers if necessary.