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Colors of the letters and autocomplete bar Emmet


Hi, I have a trouble with the colors of my letters when I’m writing code in the new files: All appears in white but when I write in my past files these have cool colors. And the autocomplete bar doesn’t appear either. I explain what I’m saying: An example is when I was writing in my CSS files i was writing background and when I wrote back Below the word appeared a bar with the possible autocomplete options such as background, background-origin, background -size … And that bar no longer appears. I was installing SASS in Sublime 3 but Ido not know what packages, accidentally, I uninstalled or installed and what I can do please?.

Here, an old file, the letters appears in color and the autocomplete bar but now, in the new files doesn’t appear all the packages that maybe I erased accidentally. It appears now all the letters in white and doesn’t appear that autocomplete bar.

Thank you very much for your help.



The code you’re writing is CSS, but in the image you had before you edited your question to replace it with the image currently displayed, the file type (in the bottom right of the window) said Plain Text (where it now says CSS). That’s because when you create a new tab and type into it, Sublime doesn’t know what sort of file it’s supposed to be until you save it.

If you want Syntax highlighting to display in files without saving them first, click where it says Plain Text and choose the appropriate file type for the kind of file you’re editing (or save the file first).



Ohhh thank you so much. It solved all. I’m new in this program and I was crazy with this problem. Again thank you.