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ColorHelper 3.0 Released


ColorHelper 3.0 is finally out the door!

This is probably the most important information. This is a major update to the old version. Most likely it will not work after the update and you may have to run Package Control: Satisfy Dependencies, wait for it to update, and restart Sublime Text.

Check out the changelog to see what’s new and different: Or check out the docs to learn more:

There’s a lot of new, cool stuff, and a lot of the same. The good news is that the massive re-write makes this package a lot easier for me to maintain. Hopefully, there won’t be another huge overhaul like this in the future, but it was necessary if I was going to keep maintaining it moving forward.

Anyways, check it out, and if you run into any bugs, please file an issue.


ColorHelper 2.0.0

Spending some time polishing the look of ColorHelper…finally :upside_down_face:.