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Color suggestions for Hashed syntax highlighting


Bonjour my fellow mates! So I am using Meetio Theme along with Meetio Palenight Colorscheme (From the same package) and I just wanted some suggestions on what colors I can use for the Hashed syntax highlighting / Semantic Highlighting. Right now the range I am using produces some very dark colors which are very hard to read on dark background.

Also, I checked out Sublime-LSP git repo and there was a commit for semantic highlighting like 8 days ago, so does anyone have any idea how long it might take for the commit to get released? It has been merged to master branch by the way.

And if anyone has any tips for Hashed Syntax Highlighting / Semantic highlighting then please let me know.

Au revoir!



Uh… just tweak it?

Personally, I think the main reason those 2 PRs are stuck is that there is literally no decent way to do semantic highlighting via ST APIs at this moment. The View.add_region() API does work (in chaos).



Yeah I mean I needed some suggestions on the color ranges for dark background. Meetio doesn’t comes with hashed syntax range.