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Color scheme per window [solved]


As I’m regularly work with multiple windows within the same project or opening the framework code in a second window, it would be visually very helpful to be able to set color scheme by window so that switching between windows or showing the Expośe-view allow an immediate distinction of the windows.



have you tried specifying the color_scheme in the project preferences?

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Thank you Keith for the suggestion, I tried, but this is not taken into account.

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ya i have also tried but its not working.



How did you add the color scheme to your project settings? It seems to work OK for me here when I try it. My global color scheme is set to Monokai, but as seen here the project on the right has a project specific setting to set the color scheme to Mariana and it properly applies to just that window.



Thanks, OdatNurd, your method is working for me! I didn’t know about the need to put the settings into a settings sub-dict of the settings dict :no_mouth:

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Very nice.

I have a backend and a frontend folder which I would like the files within a particular folder to have a specific color scheme.

Can one make a color scheme folder specific? @eriks36 is that what you are talking about?



@afrowave: I don’t think this is possible.



You can do something like that, but to do it you need a plugin with an EventListener and an on_load handler for the job. It would trigger every time a file is loaded and then it could examine the path of the file being opened and set the color_scheme setting for you.

There might be a package that already does that, I’m not sure.



Hmm, that needs some research I suppose. Thanks @OdatNurd, I will keep that in mind.



There is an example of this here: