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Color of vertical "changes" stripe in gutter


Wow, had a hard time titling this question. My terminology is so limited.

In any case, I’d like to know the key name, or whatever it’s called, for the thin vertical stripe of color that illuminates along the far-left of the gutter whenever you’re in a line that’s been changed since you last opened the file.

That stripe, in my Monokai theme, is sort of a flourescent green, and I’d like to be able to fiddle with its color, but I don’t know how to name the thing. Any help appreciated.



Those are called “diff markers” and that’s the magic of the incremental diff functionality of ST.
Here are the docs

You will find what your are looking for in the STYLING section of the docs.

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Terrific! Thank you so much.



I implemented this change of color in my differ markers, and it was working fine, but today, for some reason, it’s back to its original color. I’ve looked at the changed code I put in the User folder’s color-scheme file, and it is still calling for my new color. And all my other color-related customizations are still holding. (FWIW, in the meantime I have been experimentng with some other, unrelated, settings, but not in that color file.)

I can’t for the life of me figure out how that diff marker is reverting back to its original color.

Any thoughts on where I might start to chase this down would be appreciated.



Not sure off hand why that would be, but you could try reverting to a fresh state & then trying your color scheme on a modified file.



Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I know I screwed it up somewhere, just have to track it down.