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Co-pilot for Sublime Text


Github co-pilot is now available for Jetbrains and Neovim. Would be great if more people from this community would upvote or comment on Github to motivate a port for ST. Here is the discussion.



With regards to the recent posts I’ve read about it, I’d call it not matured and accurate enough to be worth putting any effort into it.



Plenty of people are using it now I’d say and enjoying it as a complement to the growing TAB-complete arsenal. Oversold as a programming AI? Sure. Useful? More people seem to think so (I haven’t used it myself).



I want GitHub Copilot in Sublime Text 4
There are already other plugins like Tabine but it’s no better than Copilot, so why not put in the effort?

Sublime Text 4 Dead? I sincerely hope not, as this is one of my favorite code editors that even today I don’t want to put down, but with the arrival of GitHub Copilot I’ve been using VScode, but it hurts not to use Sublime Text 4.

Sublime Text please add support for GitHub Copilot, I will be deeply grateful and excited.



as you can see

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I don’t think Github as a Microsoft slave which is pushing VS Code will ever serioulsy work on support for a competeting editor.

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I’ll be releasing a plug-in shortly supporting GitHub Copilot.



VSCode is open source. Sublime Text is not.
So VSCode has earned everyone’s trust, however I don’t want to believe that Microsoft or whoever is in charge of these things in particular has such intentions, GitHub Copilot will not make people move to ST4, literally the ones we still use ST4 is for love, because if we’re going to dig deeper VSCode has a lot more power overall.

@TheSecEng thanks for supporting the creation of GitHub Copilot Plugin for ST4 <3, you’re great.



Fwiw, VSCode isn’t. VSCodium is. Like Chrome vs Chromium.

You can’t legally use some MS proprietary (such as Pylance, Intellisense and likely, the future C# LSP plugin :slight_smile: ) things in VSCodium and other non-MS editors.



Congrats to @jfcherng and @TheSecEng! They did it. Copilot for ST is here.

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Now, it’s on Package Control.



You have really done a very good job with this plugin, thank you all for working on it, thanks to you I am back using ST, <3 Keep improving it, if you add a donation button later I will not hesitate to support you.