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[CLOSED] Is there similar functions like this?


such as vim :r !ls

  • run cmd/bash and auto print the result into text area


  • I can’t find builtin command in subl command palette
  • I can’t find similar package in packagecontrol

Does anyone know about the similarities In subl?

Or If I define the script by myself

  • Which functions/Class I need to override by python script for subl ?


Certainly nothing built in does this, although the Arithmetic command lets you programmatically manipulate text. You can also use the subl command line tool to send command output directly, eg: ls | subl -.



Thank you for replying to me so quickly !
subl - is an interesting feature indeed !

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there’s also which does something similar - can execute the selections and replace them with the results from stdout

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Thanks, I will try it!