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I currently have files on my local system and hosted on Domain dot com. I would like to use Sublime Merge to push and pull the files – like I do witih my account.

When I try and clone the remote repository… I wasn’t sure what to put in as the Source URL or the Repository Name. The IT support at said they don’t usually give that information out – then ended up saying the Source URL was: https://[my domain name] and the Repository Name was [my domain name].

Sublime Merge is not giving me a prompt to enter any authentication information, however. Instead I get an error message that the repository is not found and git failed with exit code 128.

I remember the Github source URL was much longer than my username dot github dot io. I don’t understand why the Domain dot com IT people won’t give me the correct address? Else why it is that Sublime Merge isn’t asking me for authentication?

Any assistance would be great. I will look into what I might be able to do via CLI, also look some more at how my Github does work very well with Sublime Merge.


P.S. Sorry about all the ‘dots’ but new users can only post 2 links



If your repository is hosted by Github then github is where you’ll want to push/pull from. Domain has nothing to do with it which is why they’re unable to help you. If you go to your github repository and click on the green “Code” that will give you the source URL.



Hi bschaaf,

My Github repository works very well with Sublime Merge.

I was trying to get Sublime Merge to work comparably well with files I have hosted over on Domain dot com, rather than files I have hosted on Github.

After looking into this some more I think my problem/s is/are:

(1) I haven’t initialised a git repository for the files I have hosted on Domain dot com. (You don’t just open a directory in Sublime Merge and thereby create a repository).

(2) Something to do with secure file transfer protocol.

The Domain dot com help people were telling me I needed a file transfer protocol programme, or similar. I was thinking that Sublime Merge was a file transfer protocol programme (as well as other things) since it transfers my files between my local and GitHub…

But now I am wondering just how securely my files are being transferred between my local and Github since I haven’t set up secure file transfer protocol, so far as I know. I think I gave Sublime Merge my GitHub authentication credentials at some point. to allow it to push and pull from GitHub…

I see that Github is now offering something to allow people (like me) who have webpages with them to have them appear on their domain (rather than That might be the simplest solution for me, in the short term, anyway.

I will look more into the secure file transfer protocol stuff. It is just a personal webpage. Not a business. But, still…



You can also do what you want to do with Cloudflare Pages, which has a free tier that is more than adequate for the purposes of a personal web page and gives you more freedom as to your domain name,.

However, that said your larger problem is that regular hosting companies aren’t super interested (generally speaking) in you running your own programs and tasks in their dedicated shared hosting server.

You’re usually expected to use ftp/sftp to put files up for hosting or get changes down, not use something like git to do so. (i.e. you use git locally to store your changes, but when you’re done you use ftp to put the change where people can see it).

Some hosting providers DO support that, but based on the response you got from yours, they sound like they do not. Normally when you would ask them how to use their provided git service, they would tell you how and not say “we don’t give that out”, for example.



Thankyou for explaining. That helps me understand.



All Github transactions happen over either HTTPS or SSH, both of which are secure protocols.