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Clone file caret possiton


When cloning file, it wold make sense, in my opinion, to have caret position in new file where the the cloning file had the caret position.
Currently, cloned file has caret position in the beginning of the file and I have to scroll to the position near where I am. In my case, I usually clone file because I need to see the part of the file near the current position that is not visible.
Thank you



“New view into File” was replaced by “Split View” in ST4, which already has this behaviour.



I am using 4169 and split view creates new panel. That is not what I want.
Caret position is also at the beginning. So it does not has the wanted behavior.



Split View doesn’t create a new panel, it uses tab-multiselection which is much more temporary. You’re right though that it doesn’t currently retain the current selection although it probably should.