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Click to jump/scroll to clicked position on scrollbar/minimap not working in Sublime Text 4 (ST4)


On ST3, I could click on the scrollbar/minimap and the view would jump to the clicked position (this is the macOS behaviour in all my other applications).

On ST4, this doesn’t seem to work and clicking only moves the view in the window by an increment.

I would very much appreciate to know how we can activate a preference or option to have a "“minimap scroll to clicked text” behaviour in ST4.



Bumping this.
It’s making me crazy that the scroll bar won’t jump to where I click. Slowing down things quite a bit.
Any suggestions?



Both ST3 and ST4 behave the same way on Windows 10. A view is scrolled by an increment when clicking on scrollbar/minimap.

According to the linked core issue, this is also default behavior for all MacOS apps.



I’m using ST4 and I find when clicking on the scrollbar the view will scroll by an increment, but when I click on a particular location in the file using the minimap the view is scrolled to the selected location in the file.



Scrolling by an increment when clicked may be the default setting, but it is configurable in System Preferences.

System Preferences Scrollbar option

It is inconvenient that Sublime does not respect this global setting like other applications do.

P.S. Heh… just realized that this has been pointed out in the linked issue as well. Here’s hoping for a fix.