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Clearing watch_var()s?


I’m using Sublime Text 3 to edit KSP scripts.

When using Sublime as a text editor, without compiling- just Select All, Copy, paste into the app that runs the script, I enter a watch_var() statement, then once debugged, I delete it and add a watch for a different var. If I do this 10 times with different vars, all of the vars are still listed in the (external) debugging tool. Every watch I’ve ever used in the script shows up in it’s list, even when there are NO watch statements in the copied code. I’m trying to figure out how to only watch the variables that are currently coded to be watched in my script. Sublime must be hanging on to them somehow, even when deleted…

If I quit and reopen Sublime it clears the uncoded watches, closing and re-opening the document doesn’t. Is there a command to flush them without quitting?



Bug seems to be in Kontakt (app running the script)