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Character spacing setting?



Does anyone know if its possible in ST2 to modify the character spacing for font rendering? I was using an older build for a long time which incorrectly rendered Monaco 10pt to be too wide. Strangely, I became very used to this font, and I now use Monaco 10pt with 110% character spacing in It would be awesome if this could similarly be controlled in SublimeText.

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@wbond @jps It’s been seven years. Could you consider adding a short reply here, like “No, this will never be added” or “It’s planned for release within timeframe X”?

I notice VS Code has this setting, which allows you to tweak the spacing with a positive or negative decimal number.



Generally the forum is for asking questions, sharing ideas, etc. People talk about things here, ask for help, report bugs with dev builds, etc. We don’t, however, use it as a repository for bug reports or feature requests. Those should be filed at

Just because a single post was made seven years ago on the forum does not mean the development team even saw the request.

In terms of planning, we do not generally commit to timelines for specific features. The development of Sublime Text and Sublime Merge follow a curated vision directed by Jon, and informed by performance and practical usability. Sometimes features are not implemented because they don’t fit into the current vision of what we see the software being, other times we won’t implement features because the implementation cost would be far too high for the benefit, or there are somewhat reasonable workarounds. We won’t be everything to everyone. The editor and IDE landscape is diverse with many users looking for different things, and many products filling different use cases.

In terms of your specific request, I don’t think there is a reason we wouldn’t ever implement character spacing, but more likely we’ve just seen very few requests for it.



Thanks, more than enough answer for me :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be heading over to to follow this.

Not that this post was in the correct category, but I guess one could be forgiven to assume as much when looking at the “Ideas and Feature Requests” category title. A suggestion could be to add something even more visible to underline this (a sticky in all the subforums as well and/or links to GitHub issues when making a new forum post - “Do you mean to file an actual bug report or feature request?”).



>a program entirely dedicated to displaying text characters
>doesn’t let you configure how text characters are displayed

Clearly we have different opinions about what a text editor is (which is unfortunate, because Sublime comes closer than anything else I’ve used, by a wide margin), but this was the first feature I added to mine.