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Changing text color for plain text syntax?


I would like to change the the color of text for plain text. I have read multiple forum posts, including this one, but nothing seems to work. I am not sure if I am supposed to be modifying the monokai theme package or creating a sintax specific preference for plain text.
If anyone can point me to the correct way to do this, it would be much appreciated.


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You mean this:



I mean being able to specify what color the text is displayed in the plain text syntax (by hex color or whatever). I’m not quite sure what is being conveyed by that animation, but looks to me to just show switching the syntax in sublime



Yes, I changing the syntax to plain text. If you want to change the plain text syntax color, you need to open your syntax theme and find the scope text.plain or just text and change its color. If there is any, just add this to your syntax theme, between the other dict's:

            <string>Embedded source</string>

And change the background color and foreground color as you like. See:

  2. Resources and Bug Tracking

For more info about themes and etc.


.tmTheme files - change selection background

That worked perfectly. thanks!

edit: In case it helps anyone, I used package control > package resource viewer > open resource to edit the monokai theme as described above.

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