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Changing scopes in Build 3114


For example, part of my HTML-file:

It was:

It became:

For example, scope of text toLowerCase in this script:

It was:

text.html.basic source.js.embedded.html source.js meta.function-call.method.without-arguments.js variable.function.js

It became:


A lot has changed in the scopes Build 3114. I have worked hard to change the color scopes in my color scheme, now it turns out that my work went to waste.

Whether there will be a return to former scopes or I should set anew colors? Thanks.



I don’t run any third party HTML or JavaScript packages and don’t have any overrides installed. I’m seeing toLowerCase scoped with:

text.html.basic source.js.embedded.html meta.block.js meta.function-call.method.js variable.function.js

My hope is to include some info in the console with the next build to display a list of all default packages that have been overridden to help users determine when a third-party package may be affecting default functionality.