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Changing color scheme "iplastic" text color


Hi, I have been looking to find out how to configure color scheme for the last three days and I cant get to find instruction.
There is hundreds of post about color scheme and half of those post answer are really unclear and the other half have not been answered.
But seriously thats crazy, how is that possible that there is like NO clear instruction at all about this topic?!
For exemple
here is what color scheme is:
and how its work:
here is how file directory work and where it is located:
How to modify the theme file in text mode:
Is there a way to do it in GUI?:
What is the difference between color scheme and theme?
etc, etc.

Why is the admins of SublimeText cannot make official post or put information available on their website about questions that tons of people just dont understand. The documentation for customization setting on their website is one page and half?!?!
I know I look pissed off and im sorry about that, Im just really surprise about how hard it is to learn to do something that should be so basic.

Anyway I was here to post a question which was: How do you modify the text color for color scheme. I am using the “iPlastic” and I do html/css and for example I would like to have the css selector to be the color pink.

Anyway help will be really appreciated.

Thank you



Color Scheme: the way how the editor (the place where you actually type) looks like. Example of color schemes: Monokai, iPlastic etc.
Theme: the way how the editor UI looks like (sidebar, tabs, search and so on). Most known example i think is Soda Theme

Now, on ST2, things were fairly easy to change, because everything was in Packages folder.

On ST3, on the other hand, things are a little different and all default packages are located into installation directory. On Windows this place is C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Packages (by default; on portable instalation will differ).

In this folder you will find a bunch of *.sublime-package files, which are basically zip files with different extension. Among all fo these files, you will find “Color Scheme - Default.sublime-package”. Which is the file that contain all of the default color schemes. Open the archive then copy your favorite theme into your settings folder (find out more about this here). For easy management I’d suggest store your color scheme into Packages\User\color-schemes (or something similar).

Bonus: you can use to adjust your favorite theme :wink:



Thanks a lot man, thats extremly appreciated.