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Can't override auto_complete settings in ST4


On ST 4 (build 4113) and if I attempt to override auto_complete_size_limit in my user prefs it gets ignored. For example, if I set it to 200, then type something in a 3000 character file and then hit tab, I get the auto completions popup appearing. Can anyone replicate this?



The setting information is:

	// The maximum file size where auto complete will be automatically triggered.
	"auto_complete_size_limit": 4194304,

In this context, “automatically triggered” means that the AC panel will open automatically (as opposed to you manually summoning it via a key binding).

That said, does it also happen in Safe Mode? it’s possible a package/plugin could be triggering something.



Ah. Cool. Think I’d misunderstood the purpose of the setting. Thank you.