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Can't open folder in a project


The old behaviour was when you had a project open you could add folders to that project. Now what happens is a new version of ST opens and then I have to drag all the files over from the project is was working on. This is BAD.
This is the result of opening a folder

What should have happened is that it opens in this project

I had to set that project up by doing what I’ve described before, having an empty instance of ST and then dragging all the files across. A real pain.

How do I get the old behaviour back please ?

If I do ctrl+L and try and paste into the address box ST aborts




Are you using File > Open Folder or Project > Add Folder to Project? The first one always opens a new window with the folder in it, while the second one always adds the folder to the current window (and despite the name it works wether you have an explicit project open or not, because all windows have project data associated with them).

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face palm.

Sorry and thank you. (It was late, I was wrestling with buildozer, the blinkers were on)