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Can't get rid of the "New Version is Available!" notification


I’m running Windows 64bit, version 3.2, build 3200. Every time i start sublime, it alerts me to the “new version” and asks me to download.

I’ve downloaded the latest build (apparently 3207) a dozen times, installed it, installed it as admin, uninstalled the current version and then re-installed, rebooted multiple times, everything i can think of. No warnings or errors are displayed during the update and it seems to work.

The current version still shows as 3200, and it still asks me to update every time I start the editor.

How can i make the update notice GO AWAY?

I love this editor, except this annoying notice – and how every 15 minutes or so it locks up for 30 seconds, which I’ll discuss in a separate post once i nail down a pattern.