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Can't get editor to recognize Python (Windows)

  1. This is the error I get:

Python was not found but can be installed from the Microsoft Store:[Finished in 0.8s]

  1. I can execute python from the command line



I can’t help you with your problem, but if you change the subject on your post to Technical Support you might get some help a little quicker. Tech Support issues seem to be prioritised first on this forum.

Good luck



The root of your issue is twofold.

First, Windows 10 comes with a stub version of Python which, when invoked, tells you to go to the Windows store to install Python. That’s something that they’re doing so that if you try to execute Python without installing it, you get a more helpful message than just “command not found”.

Secondly, the fact that executing Python works in the command line means that you have installed Python yourself manually not from the Microsoft store (which is fine) but the way the PATH is set up, Sublime is finding the Microsoft stub before it finds your correct Python interpreter.

Following the instructions here may resolve the issue for you:



i execute my c program but it don’t show the output please help me