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Can't find the tree navigation directory view on SFTP fixed on sidebar



I switch from Coda. I installed the SFTP plugin, configured, all ok. But for navigating into the FTP directory I need to click on File Browse servers and a popup window appears on the middle of the screen, where you can move across the folders:

I’m missing that (look the FTP directory view on the first image and the FTP directory view fixed on the sidebar on the last second image (When I’m on local it’s shows on sublime text 3 (clicking on file -> open folder), but when I’m on a remote server I can’t see that sidebar view of the second image:


How I can implement it on Sublime Text 3? Thanks.



Unfortunately Sublime Text does not currently have the ability to provide a “fake” sidebar full of remote folders and files.

You could use something like and then open the remote folder in the side bar. The big downsides are:

  1. For large projects, Sublime Text it going to end up downloading your entire site to index symbols. You’d have to disabling the indexer to prevent this.
  2. For large projects, Sublime Text has to list each dir to populate Goto File, and it may take a while for this process to complete
  3. If you have any plugins installed that happen to do IO in the main thread, you will experience UI lags since remote filesystem operations will be much slower.
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