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Can't find a use for Sublime Merge


I am using Sublime Text for many years, quite happy with it, even developing my own plugins. However, I can’t find a use for Sublime Merge, it works inferior to other tools dedicated to same aspects:

  1. git cola is better at making commits:
    - all changed, staged and new files are listed concisely and always on the screen
    - you can switch from file to file both with mouse and keyboard easily (Up arrow beats Shift + Tab, sorry)
    What would make smerge superior in this:
    - make this two-level files then changes, at least as an option
    - navigate by files and hunks easily, smth like up/down, ctrl+up/down, pgup/pgdown etc
    - stage/unstage hunk under cursor/under mouse hot keys. This might sound weird, but poiting with your mouse and pressing say “s” makes staging a breeze. Sure you can select, but this takes time, especially with touchpad
    - more key binding, e.g. for amend
    - make all key bindings configurable

  2. gitk has some edge in reviewing history (even if it’s ugly):
    - see file list for commit immediately, always stay on screen
    - switch between individual file changes faster
    These are the same as with git cola, recipes are also the same.

  3. kdiff3 is better at merging:
    - jump not only between conflict, but also between hunks
    - shorter key bindings (Ctrl+Down beats Ctrl+Shift+N, Ctrl+1 beats Ctrl+Shift+[)
    - ability to select both changes
    What to do:
    - better default key bindings
    - ability to configure key bindings
    - ability to select both changes

Overall: more glancability, more, better and configurable key bindings, speeding up the processes.

The one thing smerge currently shines is reviewing stashes) It would be cool to have separete mode for them like smerge --stashes to review, pop/apply or even edit. Selective stash would be nice too, this is tricky to do from command line.



key bindings in Merge are just as customizable as in Text…



You can see a list of staged/modified files by switching to the Contents tab of the location bar when looking at the changes to commit. Once a file is selected, arrow keys can be used to switch from file to file.

Similarly for existing commits, you can choose the Contents tab & switch between the Changes & Tree tabs at the bottom for different viewports into the commit.

As @kingkeith mentioned above, all key bindings are configurable, here are the docs: You can also change the menus as well if you’d like: