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Cannot upgrade


When I click the download from the update dialog I get an error:

Sublime Text Updater

Unable to rename C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Sublime Text 3\Update to C:\Program Files\Sublime Text (Update), it is being used by another process




Likely you’ve got a plugin that isn’t exiting properly. IIRC tabnine is a common culprit. You can try manually updating by downloading the latest installer from the website.



Can I start sublime text in safe mode then upgrade? Or how do I upgrade manually?
What I found is that in the microseconds between download and upgrade I can’t find and kill off whatever processes I need. Afterward the updater is removed and besides I wouldn’t know what command line parameters are needed to run it.
This is a major problem IMHO that needs to be addressed.



You would just download the windows installer for the latest version of Sublime (or whatever version you want to run), make sure that Sublime isn’t running, and then run the installer. It will install over top of the existing one and upgrade it.



Is that going to wipe out any settings or 3rd party things?



Not unless you took the ill advised route of storing any of your own personal files directly within the installation folder (which you should not do) because any update, whether it is automatic or not, will clobber it away because the installation folder is Not For You :tm:.

Your configuration is stored inside of your User folder, which is not touched when you uninstall or reinstall, which is also the reason why people’s desire to solve their Sublime problems by uninstalling and reinstalling don’t work.