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Cannot restore a workspace, getting a blank window


Never used workspaces before. Just saved a workspace with 2 horizontal panes, a bunch of tabs open in each.

  • Trying to open this workspace with subl foo.sublime-workspace opens a completely blank editor window, not even a filetree.

  • Trying to open it with Project Switch acts like a no-op. Nothing changes in current window.

  • The console outputs no errors.

  • The workspace file contains almost 4k lines of data (however, I only had about 20-30 tabs open).

Is my state unrestorable?

  • ST3: Build 3208
  • macOS: 10.14.5


Try subl --project your.sublime-workspace.



No change unfortunately. Existing window unchanged, new window shows up blank. No other new windows.



Created another workspace with just 3 tabs, no panes. Same issue - opens blank editor.



Why are you trying to open a workspace instead of a project? I have never saved or tried to use workspaces directly… is that even a thing? I always create/save a project and then switch between projects, and that at least works really well.



A project is a set of settings such as “which path is root”, “which files/dirs to show in the tree”, etc. A workspace is a combination of tabs, panes, and other UI state preserved in a snapshot. Imagine you are going through a big refactor, and you strategically opened multiple panes, and specific tabs in them, and you’re going through them in a specific order. Then imagine you need to pause this entire effort and focus on something else. Saving a workspace is a way to preserve all of this current UI state for later, and restore the editor exactly as you had it. To be fair, this was the first time I wanted to use it after many years of using ST3.

That said, I somehow got it to work once with this specific workspace. I did something with closing/opening ST3, and saw the window with all my tabs restored. I didn’t need it at that moment, and couldn’t get it to work again since.