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Cannot navigate diffs with Page Up/Down and arrow keys


Not sure if it’s a bug but (on Windows) it looks like Page Up/Page Down and arrow keys do not scroll the view on the diff area (it looks like only using the mouse we can scroll).

Is this a known issue or maybe something is not working on my side?

Oh sorry, I’ve found this issue already reported in GitHub:



If a diff hunk has the input focus, then PageUp and PageDown will scroll within that hunk. They don’t however scroll the view if there is more than one hunk; for that you need to use Tab to jump to the next diff hunk.

I don’t know offhand if there are bindings available that would scroll the overall view (i.e. scroll new diff hunks into view). I poked around in the key bindings a bit to see if there is anything that seems like it would do this and didn’t come up with anything.



I’m not sure if I understood it correctly, but it doesn’t look to scroll then we move inside the hunk:



Ah yes, I see what you mean.

That is definitely something that I’ve seen before but it was a while ago (during early beta) so I’d forgotten all about it.

It may be worth checking out the Merge issue tracker to see if someone has reported this or not there, and make a report there if not.



Just in case, I’ve edited my first post before with a link to this issue which is the problem we are talking (I guess).



As far as I can see is still open, and there’s still no way to navigate to next and previous diffs when viewing the entire uncollapsed file.

Tab / Shift-Tab still change focus from the diff window; PageUp/Down still move to top and end of file.

Is this correct or am I missing something?