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Cannot Implement matplotlib


I am a rookie Python and Sublime Text user, and I would very much appreciate any help.

I have installed matplotlib on my iMac, and I can successfully run programs using it via the terminal. The trouble comes when I try to run matplotlib inside Sublime Text 3. The program does not run. Here is a display of the input program and the error messages:

I am too naive in my understanding of Python to understand what these error messages
mean. As a guess, it appears that matplotlib is not communicating with Sublime Text. I would really like some help getting matplotlib to work with Sublime Text.

Many thanks,



Does running it from the command line work? To me it looks more like a problem with your python install.



Thanks for the suggestion, but I believe that Python is properly installed because matplotlib runs perfectly when using the terminal. My problem appears to be getting Sublime Text to recognize and run matplotlib. Any additional suggestions?



Can you share the command you used on the command line?



This is the program that I entered on the terminal - it successfully runs. However, when I enter the same program into Sublime Text, it will not run. See the result at the top of my post. Terminal



Can you try running the exact same command that the build system is running, ie:

/usr/local/bin/python3 -u '/Users/paulbrizzolara/Documents/python_work/import matplotlib.pyplot as'

Hopefully I’ve transcribed that correctly…