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Cannot get header to theme


I’ve been trying to make some changes to the meetio-deepocean theme, and have been successful, except for the header class.

For some reason, I cannot get it to theme, even with the default meetio theme.

"variables": {
    "headerBg": "#ff0077",
        "class": "header",
        "layer0.tint": "var(headerBg)",
        "layer0.opacity": 1,
        "content_margin": [0,2,0,2]

(As is visible from the screenshot, I have changed the active tab border and info-area button hover colors)

I did try checking if there is something overwriting this rule but this is the only rule that mentions header class directly. Also, it looks like the header is the same as that in the default merge theme (Breakers).

On inspecting it using the logTree setting, I see that layer0.tint always gets overwritten. I tried adding my colours in layer1 and setting it’s opacity to 1 - the layer1.tint did show up but with it’s opacity set to 0.

The classes with header as their parent (such as button-control and button-control-right) are themed correctly.