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Cannot find example plugins mentioned in docs

#1 mentions:

Packages/Default/ Uses phantoms to display errors inline

however I can’t find that file (no hyperlink)

a google search brings me here:
but this makes no mention of phantoms



use to open that file rather than looking at a random GitHub repo that contains a copy of an extremely old version of that file

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EDIT: I found the example packages, they are zipped into the file Default.sublime-package, which is under C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Packages on Windows. Under linux (.deb installer) its under /opt/sublime_text/Packages. The sublime-package file can be unzipped with a decompressor such as 7z. Please ignore my previous comments below.

Hi, I have the same problem. There is a list of plugins in the docs, such as But I can’t find the examples in my installation, either under %APPDATA% nor program files. The example plugins aren’t to be found on the package control site either. Anyone know where to find some simple examples?

The documentation should be updated if the example plugins aren’t distributed any more. This is what the docs say:

Several pre-made plugins come with Sublime Text, you can find them in the Default package:

* Packages/Default/ Uses phantoms to display errors inline
* Packages/Default/ Shows how to work with settings
* Packages/Default/ Prompts the user for input, then updates the selection
* Packages/Default/ Uses add_regions() to add an icon to the gutter
* Packages/Default/ Uses a popup to show the scope names at the caret
* Packages/Default/ Accepts an input from the user when run via the Command Palette


Note that you can also use View Package File from the command palette to find and open the default plugins. That will find and open them from within the sublime-package without regard for what OS you’re on, where you’ve installed Sublime, or what third party packages or software that you have installed.