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Can we update html popup after click on it?


I have 2 things to show such as my first popup

<body><a href=' ...'>Before</a></body>

and the second one


Is it possible to change current popup after user clicks on it (using some user define function that will handle “href”) ?

How to use view.update_popup ?



Did you try view.update_popup(content) as the doc say? Like view.update_popup('<body>After</body>').

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yes. I used it.
But not able to do it after clicking it.
It was throwing global view not found error



Without an example of the code you’re trying to use, it’s hard to say what may be going wrong. Can you provide a minimal example of something that doesn’t work? Your error message sounds like you’re using view in place of self.view or such (but it’s hard to say for sure).