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Can we set up secondary font for the editor?


I’m a Chinese user and I really like sublimetext, the only problem for me is that when I’m using it on linux, the font for English works fine, but the font for Chinese works bad.

I’ve tried to change the user font settings, after that, the Chinese font is good but the English font works bad.

Do you have any solution for setting up a secondary font that will display when a character is not resolvable by the primary font? Or do you have some other solutions that are equivalent to this functionality?

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Do you want to change the font face of the text (code) or UI?



Sorry for the late response. Really appreciate your response.

Not exactly.

I mean sometimes, I’ll have to open some hybrid documents like a document with both Chinese characters and English characters, for example a C program which will print out some Chinese strings. In this case, I’ll need mono-space font for English characters and Microsoft YaHei for Chinese characters (for example).

In my case, if I set up the font for English characters, the Chinese characters are poorly rendered. Jetbrains’ platforms offer a way of setting up 2nd font, which will be used for the characters that do not have any shape in the primary font. I’m wondering whether sublime text will support this feature.



Oh, I understood, there is no way to do this :disappointed: Add your suggestion here: Interface Suggestions



+1: Fallback (backup) fonts