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Can no longer select legacy color schemes


I do not like any of the UI changes since ST2, so I install the Theme - Legacy and Color Scheme - Legacy package when I use Sublime. I set up Sublime on a new Windows machine today. I was not able to select the legacy color schemes. Although I have installed the Color Scheme - Legacy package through Package Control, when I choose UI: Select Color Scheme from the command palette, I am only given the options Breakers, Celeste, Mariana, Monokai and Sixteen.

Even more strange, I have a Macintosh where Sublime Text 3 is already happily running, using the Eiffel theme from the Legacy Color Schemes package. However, the Macintosh is also unable to select the Eiffel theme, even though the Eiffel theme is currently enabled. When I select UI: Select Color Scheme on the Mac, I also get only the Breakers, Celeste, Mariana, Monokai and Sixteen options (plus some Typescript related schemes). However if I go to Preferences->Settings I see a line that says "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Eiffel.tmTheme", and it is allowing me to use that Eiffel theme fine.

I tried going into Preferences->Settings on the Windows machine and manually typing "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Eiffel.tmTheme", into my settings. As soon as I did this, I got the Eiffel theme on Windows, exactly what I wanted.

So apparently Eiffel is installed and working on both the Mac and Windows machines, yet somehow the UI: Select Color Scheme picker is unable to “see” that scheme. Is this a bug?

EDIT: Here is a picture of the color scheme picker on the Windows machine

The Windows machine I tested with is running 3.2.2 Build 3211 and so is the Mac



maybe try putting "show_legacy_color_schemes": true, in your User preferences

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This did it, thanks.

Should the instructions on reflect this?

Is this special key something that allows to work, or does it unlock color schemes that already came shipped with Sublime Text 3 and just weren’t listed?



yes, I recommend submitting a PR

if you look in Packages/Default/, you’ll see this preference especially handles the Color Scheme - Legacy package. This still ships by default with ST afaik, although the wording on the package’s readme suggests otherwise.



Works for me on mac. Thanks :slight_smile:

maybe try putting "show_legacy_color_schemes": true, in your User preferences