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Can no longer collapse command-code that surrounds actual code


Hey, so I used to make big commands around certain groups of code (especially in CSS) so it would be easier to me personally to work with. But for some reason, that collapse arrow right next to the beginning-command is gone now. Did sublime text change anything? I couldn’t find anything recent. The arrow diapered a view days ago, and it’s really annoying to be working with huge CSS files now.

Here is an Image of the current situation … instead of me being able to collapse the whole code so that only the commands are visible … I can only collapse the 2 elements



As of Build 4145 you could configure "fold_style": "force_indentation" in your preferences (or even as a syntax specific setting for CSS I guess) to get back the old behavior.



With introduction of syntax based folding, indentation based folding has been disabled for various syntaxes with the assumption the former ones to be sufficient enough.

It however turns out not to be true for some (most?) of those syntaxes.

A proposal to re-enable indentation based folding for CSS is filed at

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