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Can I revert Sublime Text 4 tab behavior to be like ST3?


The update caught me by surprise (a good one!) but one of my favorite features of sublime text 3 isn’t there anymore which is a complete deal breaker for me. I had to downgrade to v3 in the meantime

In sublime text 3 I am able to toggle autocompletions with tab. Instead now there is a menu popping up and I have to select which one I want with arrow keys (by moving my hand away from the main keys). This drastically slows down my typing experience unfortunately.

Is it possible to make Sublime Text 4 work more like how Sublime Text 3 worked in this regard? I.e. can I rotate completions with tab in sublime text 4? Or am I missing something?

Sublime Text 4 (Build 4107)
Windows 10 x64



See also

… and the linked issue in it.

That functionality was removed and merged into auto-completion functionality.



Ah, right. Scanning the issue I think that what I’m specifically looking for is the the insert_best_completion and replace_completion_with_next_completion, which was removed as you mention in the github issue. I suppose it might be possible to write a plugin to mimic their behavior if they aren’t coming back…?

I didn’t know how much I relied on the functions until they were gone!



I guess no one really was aware of compared with the feedback.

This change seems most obvious for text editing use cases as completions are disabled then.

While completions can be enabled by modifying selector and popup panel might be prevented from showing up via mini_auto_complete: true core devs might need to think about a solution for snippets getting burried if too many other completions exist.