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Can I create a key binding to open up remote files?


Each time I turn on my laptop (for programming) I need to open up a bunch of remote files. While I did create the key binding:

[ { "keys": ["f11"], "command": "sftp_browse_server" }

it saves me “some time” but not enough. I still have to scroll through the list of serves, then files, pick the correct file, select edit, multiple times, etc. etc.

So I was curious if there were any “key bindings” I could create to open a remote file? Something that would look like the pseudo code below. Only I can’t seem to find the proper commands, and syntax for the arguments, if they even exist.

    "keys": ["shift+f11"],
    "command": "open",
    "args": "file: http://x.x.x.x/cgi-bin/"


You could create such a binding if that package or some other plugin provides a command to do so. I don’t know if it does that offhand, but nothing in the core knows how to fetch down remote files for editing.