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Can I buy ST3 or should I wait for ST4?


I love ST and want to buy it.
But curious when ST4 is going to be released?
I don’t want to pay twice, so questions:

  1. Do you plan releasing ST4? When?
  2. If I buy ST3 will the license be spread to ST4?

Thank you!



I don’t think we are in any danger of Sublime 4 being released anytime soon.

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There will most likely be an option to upgrade your ST3 license to an ST4 one, just like with the release of ST3.



As per sales FAQ, looks like ST4 will require additional payments.
Do any ST developers looking this forum?
It would be nice to had an confirmation from their side…
Or at least approximate date of ST4 release.



ST3 was officially released only 2 years ago, I do not think that there will be any ST4 any time soon. ST3 is fantastic as it is.



I agree, ST3 is very nice. But 2 years is too big time span for any application. So, it would be nice to see that app is developing.
I’ve sent email to sales with such questions. Lets see what they will reply.



They probably won’t reply with the answer you want to hear. Most of us are developers, you may be one as well, and we know that you can not always know for sure a release date.

Why is 2 years a too long time span for “any” application? Can you tell me what is the problem with ST3? Why is there an urge to have a new release?



It rather not a problem but indicator.
For now there are a lot of different Text Editors (NPP, Atom, VC etc - btw, they are for free) and chose one of them - it’s investment. And I’m not about financial side. When you chose any tool as a base Text Editor, to efficient usage you need learn it for a long time (behavior, short cuts, settings, plugins, community etc). It can take a years.
I like ST, how it looks like, speed of work, features and plugins, and want to stay on it, but in the same time I want to know that it has a future.
On some resources I meet messages that people went from ST to other Text Editors (VC for instance) and they provided reasons. It’s not relevant for me and I want to stay with ST.
On this forum I found only one thread regarding the ST4. People suggest Python3 as an plugin engine, etc. But even this thread is not alive.
There are no perfect applications. There always should be things to improve.
I’m just finding tool for work with text data for next 5-10 years and hope I’ve found it.



ST 3.2 was released not long ago and brought a few great new features.
Although I’d of course also love to see (!) more speed in development, I really like its quality, performance and feeling. I guess much happens under the hood.
Thus, as long as it gets stability and compatibility updates (and maybe even from time to time new features) I don’t care about any version number.

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What we know is that the team is currently working on what is likely 3.3 and ST4 was never really mentioned except when buying ST3 to indicate that the license is limited to the version 3 and will not carry to version 4.
Also when ST3 was released, those who bought ST2 just a few month ago got a huge rebate ( I think it was something like get ST3 for 15$).

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Yeah, received confirmation that Sublime 4 is not even considered yet.
So, I’ve bought it as is.

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Presumably SublimeHQ are having to spend time rewriting their GPU-accelerated renderer to use Metal on macOS, since OpenGL there has been deprecated and in theory could go away completely.



And/or getting a headstart on ARM before Apple switches CPU architecture.