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Bulk replace with cases both ways


I am doing a course from udemy where the instructor is teaching some us of PHP Storm, but I am comfortable with a sublime text editor.

I have to replace some thing as stated here:

Let me extract the relevant part →

* change  `plugin_name`  to  `example_me`
* change  `plugin-name`  to  `example-me`
* change  `Plugin_Name`  to  `Example_Me`
* change  `PLUGIN_NAME_`  to  `EXAMPLE_ME_`

Issue 1: Replace all option is not coming?
Issue 2: How can I ensure that cases are preserved and taken care of while making bulk chnages.



Note that the Find in Files just finds the given string or regex in the given file(s) based on the where clause. It’s not a tool to rename files.



It was for changing names.i know sublime is not for file renaming nomenclature.



Maybe you can describe your issue in some more detail ? From the screenshot and your “extract the relevant part” section, it looks like you were expecting the folder name (by putting it in the where field) to change it’s name by pressing Replace.



You know - why not just follow the instructor and use what he is using? Nou you are spending a lot of energy NOT learning something new. If you really wish to become a good software engineer you need to be accustomed to get out of your comfort zone quite often.



There is no issue here. OP needs to use PHPStorm to follow along but does not want to. ¯_(ツ)_/¯



Well, if the OP wants to use ST instead of PHP Storm, there is nothing wrong with it.

Because that really locks you to using their process & tools. If the OP is comfortable using ST for the task, I don’t see any problem with it. Anyways, a programming task shouldn’t be locked to using a particular text editor or IDE.

FWIW, I don’t see it from that perspective. When you ask something you don’t know, you are always learning. It’s just a question about how to use a tool. Knowing how to use your tools well is important.

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Then why not learn PhpStorm and learn the advantages of using an IDE? If knowing to use your tools is so important then knowing how to wield PhpStorm while doing PHP programming assignments seems time and energy well spent.

In the context of following along with a course in which the tutor uses tool X it is probably energy well spent to pick up knowledge of that tool than to fight against it and NOT learning it. There is no lock in here at all. It’s quite possible to do PHP programming with something else. However it is counterproductive to do that in the context of the course and counterproductive in the context of a software engineer having to learn and apply new knowledge for the rest of ones’ life.



This statement is quite prejudiced and driven by saddist psychology and callousness.

Learning everything doesn’t account for becoming an excellent software engineer, but mastering something does.
Technology and the Internet are flooded with information; attempting to master everything is a source of analysis paralysis.

The objective should be to focus on business logic then wasting efforts in mastering every tool.



True and Thankyou for sharing your insight.



True, but you are driven by two extremes: all and None.
if you negate all you get none and if you negate none you get all, but lifelong learning is not anywhere in those two extreme spots, but somewhere in between them. Keep learning, but not all(or None) but be focussed on business logic.



You are just assuming getting familiar with an IDE is being productive, while it may not be the case for a lot of people. As an example, plenty of C# tutorials on YouTube show how to do stuff in Visual Studio, but personally for me, when I used VS on a slow Windows 7 machine, it was slow as hell (for a default installation with no extensions and a lot of features striped out). Basic edits on tiny projects were taking much time, which was very counter productive.

I never said don’t use what the tutor is showing. The choice of tools is at the end of the day in your hands. All I am saying is different people find productivity in using different tools.

Software engineers have to constantly learn, relearn and apply new things at work. I don’t see that counter productive. Learning is a part of the job. If a person is not enjoying all of the learning, re learning etc, then that person is probably in the wrong field.

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