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Build v/s Build with


Under the tools section there are two options

  1. Build
  2. Build with…
    What’s the simple difference between the both and is it important to know this?
    How can I make use of them?


There can be multiple build systems that apply to a given circumstance; you could have several different builds that know how to run Python code with different versions of Python for example, and builds can contain variants, like being able to compile a C program versus being able to compile AND run it.

Build With shows you a list of potentially matching build systems (if there are more than one) to ask you which build you want to use, and then conducts the build.

Build always executes the build you selected last time, or, if you’ve never selected one, automatically uses Build With to ask you before it continues.

So, always use Build when you want to do a build, and use Build With when you want to swap to a different build or verify that you’re using the right one.