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Build system for sql


Hello, is it possible to execute SQL query from sublime 3 i am able to see my data from my database but i cant really execute any commands.

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It is possible. The “execute” part is done by running a command line so you have to set that up yourself. The output of your command is displayed in the build panel when you run the build. So basically set up the build process you want in your terminal, then take those commands and put them in a build definition, probably in your project file.



Have you looked at the SQLTools package?



I have installed sqltools but whenever I try to execute a command, I get the build system error and as nutjob2 said you need to set up that part, but I can’t seem to figure that out I have done some googling and you have to set the path of your Database (MySQL) in my case, but it’s not really doing much.



I didn’t have to set up anything with the build system after installing SQLTools, just set the proper path for the psql location. Mostly just run select queries through Sublime. This is on a macOS system.



Hey @MrX! you can watch this video it helped me, too. Hope it benefits you.