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Bug? Working Directory doesn't update after saving conflict resolution


I’m using Sublime Merge build 1061 on macOS, and am seeing the following behavior:

  1. A merge conflict occurs
  2. I click the Resolve button for an item in the Working Directory
  3. I resolve the conflict for that file, and click Save
  4. I’m returned to the Working Directory view, but my changes in the file are not represented (still shows the old merge conflict text in the diff)

If I stage the file, the changes are applied just fine; it’s just really confusing that the view doesn’t update.

Similarly, I’ve had trouble with the Working Directory view not updating when I’m working in another program and update one or more files. Is there a way to force it to refresh?



Is this new with build 1061, or did you see this on a previous build, such as 1058?



I could reproduce it in 1061:

In 1058, it’s good:



Thanks for the report - this is fixed in 1062

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I’m seeing this same issue in 1103. Unless its some user error.




Hi @freebie,

Thanks for using Sublime Merge!

From the recording provided, it looks like you’ve almost completed the merge.

What you’re seeing here is the working directory being updated, without the merge results being staged automatically. We don’t automatically stage the merge, to allow users to review the results of the merge and optionally repeat the conflict resolution.

Let me know if I can provide any further assistance!

Kind regards,
- Dylan

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Ah yes, I see. Reopening the resolve and it have the conflicts again through me a little (appeared as though nothing had happened).

Is there a way to tell between a file that has been resolved (but is open to being resolved) and one that still contains unresolved conflicts. Maybe I just missed it in the UI and I’ll see it next time.

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Hi! I’m suffering this bug too, I’m using the latest build (1107)



Very poor experience in the context of resolving conflicts, i had to open git kraken to resolve my conflicts and be able to save them…



Once you use the merge tool to “Resolve” the conflict, then click the “Stage” button.



Hi! I’m having the same issue as @plargomohe. Used Sublime Merge (Build 1107) as a merging tool today for the first time and it was a file with almost 2000 lines and a lot of conflicts, can you imagine my shock when conflicts reappeared after this loooong merge?



This is pretty clearly a UX issue, people are confused that pressing Resolve after going through a resolution resets the resolution process. I might suggest a change to the UI such that, after a resolution has been saved on a file, and the user has returned to the list of files, instead of the two buttons “Resolve” and “Stage” there be three buttons “Re-Resolve” (or something similar), “View Resolution”, and “Stage”. That would make it clearer that one button will restart the resolution completely, one button will allow the user to view the previously saved resolution, and obviously Stage will stage the saved resolution.

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I would rather show your choices if you open the file again, with an option to reset the resolution. I get the actual workflow now and I think it’s neat and efficient, but if it needs to be explained it only means that the experience could be improved.

I needed to search in the forum on how to stage lines, but when I saw the option I couldn’t think about a more efficient and friendly way. Maybe just changing the button’s color a little bit could grab our attention subtly :slight_smile:

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