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Bug/Unexpected Behavior: find_under_expand


The CTRL+D find_under_expand command has inconsistent behavior with a selection:

  1. Copy/paste the following text into Sublime:

word word.anotherwordbutnotthesameword word

  1. Place the cursor anywhere on the first line and press CTRL+D three times to yield the following three selections:

  2. Clear the selection and select “word” on the first line (via CTRL+, double click, or click and drag).

  3. Attempt to repeat step 2. To select each instance of “word”, you end up pressing CTRL+D four times and select the non-word-boundary instances of “word” as well:


Multiple cursors for syntactic vs text matches

I was also looking for a solution to this problem and found a comment on another topic by adzenith that answers this problem.

I know this thread is old but I thought I’d leave the answer here for completeness.



Thanks! Now I am looking for how to select all words at one.



It is on the key binding Alt+F3, or go to the menu Find -> Quick Find All