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SUGGESTION: You should add new forum for reporting bugs.

BUG: The tab character is the spawn of SATAN so no tab character should ever be allowed to be injected into any source file what so ever. This is THE golden rule for me. I never allow any source file of mine to ever contain even so much as a SINGLE tab character if I can possibly avoid it!

BUG: The “convert tabs to spaces” configuration item is broken. I hit tab and TABS are being injected into the source file. These tabs are not being converted to spaces on exit (nice to have that too but I MUCH prefer prevention to cure).

The configuration item should be “tab key insert spaces” and should not be broken EVER! amg!


ok i guess its NOT b0rked after all, i guess the use tab stops feature was confoozing me. i disabled that feature :smile:
your forgiven! :smile:

the underlined section should be a crossed out section but… there is no means of doing that that I can see :smile:

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i believe you meant ‘translate_tabs_to_spaces’ setting, not ‘convert tabs to spaces’



The “convert tabs to spaces” button at the bottom of the screen will only change convert already-inserted tabs and will not affect any future tab insertions. fyi.



ok so ignore my snafu - concentrate on the “forum to report REAL bugs in” part lol



no worries :smile:




I just observed a very strange (and reproducible) bug with Sublime Text 3.

I am running Kubuntu, and have a dual monitor setup.

When I select “3 column” view layout on one of my monitors (I think it is the secondary one), Sublime Text 3 exits abruptly (crashes).

Strangely enough, all the other view layouts work fine on that display, as do all view layouts on my primary monitor. It is only when I select 3 columns on my secondary monitor that the error occurs.

I have absolutely no idea what might be causing this. As I said before: very very strange indeed.




Hi all,
just wanted to report a bug in C++ highlighting. Multi-line comments are not detected, and the second line is not considered a comment

example :

// comment containing \
int c; // this line is not highlighted as a comment 

sublime-text 2 on ubuntu 12.10-64




I want to report a bug on sublime 3 on linux Mint cinnamon.
Not entirely sure how I can reproduce it, so I’ll just detail the enviroment and the effects:

  • I open a folder with sublime where the tree is very huge: 101,788 items, totalling 80.9 GB :smiling_imp:
  • was working with python language and decide to create a file (within the sublime sidebar) and now is when the program goes mad and uses 100% of the processor and … stuck. :cry:
    After a while, the CPU goes down, but the sublime does not get back on its feet.

If there are any other information you need, just tell me :smiley:




Bug in XML text formating. Square bracket inside of XML tags destroys it.

For exapmle:

<one> <two> [gfdsgsdfgsdfgsdf] </two> </one>
No tags can be turned off.

Inserting a tab, before string with brackets, we can enable turning off of tag.

<one> <two> [gfdsgsdfgsdfgsdf] </two> </one>
Tag one can be closed, but still can’t.

Is this a bug?



<one> <two> <three> something </three> </two> </one>

Tag one folds uncorrectly.



Sublime 3 doesn’t highlight python3 syntax properly like this:

def create(self) -> “some type”:



[quote=“zsong”]Sublime 3 doesn’t highlight python3 syntax properly like this:

def create(self) -> “some type”:[/quote] … /issues/53



Agree 100%, tabs are a tool of the Devil, the spawn of Satan. No source should contain them, ever.

In ST3, still can’t find how to convert all tabs to spaces if I load someone else’s code.

I can see indentation conversion on the View menu, but not ‘all tabs’ so I assume it does not convert 100% of all tabs in the code. I could be wrong.

there are no buttons at the bottom of my screen in ST3.

Any suggestions?



The View > Indentation > Convert Indentation To Spaces option converts all tabs to spaces.