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[BUG] mouse buttons 4 and 5 (back and forward) on Linux


The mouse button back and forward don’t change the selected displayed file.
I tried changing …/sublime-text-2/Packages/Default/Default (Linux).sublime-mousemap so it uses buttons 8 and 9 (like xev says the back and forward buttons are) but then sublime is unable to parse those bindings:

Unable to parse binding {button: button9, command: prev_view, modifiers: ]}
Unable to parse binding {button: button8, command: next_view, modifiers: ]}

the back/forward buttons work on other apps (i.e. firefox)

related bug: … -on-linux/

some details:
wireless logitech mouse on archlinux using evdev as X input driver (and using udev) and sublime text 2.0



This was fixed in Version 2.0.1